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The best way to mow in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia!

Slopes, heavy brush and inaccessible areas are no longer a problem with the Spider mower. Possessing the unique ability to climb and access grades as steep as 40 degrees, the Spider is commercial grade and remote controlled. You identify the difficult to cut area and our trained professionals handle it with the Spider.

The Spider is a great alternative to heavy equipment and brush cutters that can be expensive to obtain and operate. Its versatility extends even to wet areas, and its light weight makes it appropriate for soft ground and protected areas. Plus, the Spider can get into areas that are inaccessible to larger mowers.

The Spider mower has excellent maneuverability, easily changing direction even on steep slopes. And because it is completely remote controlled, operator safety is at the maximum.

Contact Spider Mowing by Grace Services for:

See the mower in action:

  • Detention ponds
  • Tree hills
  • Ditches
  • Ski slopes
  • Airports
  • Commercial mowing
  • Sound barriers
  • Brush clearing

At Grace Services, we are ready to handle all your difficult mowing needs. We bring the Spider to you and provide full operation, all at a reasonable cost. Call for slope mowing in Youngstown and the surrounding area, including Northeast Ohio, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania.

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